Color Everything - The Color of Mother
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The Color of Mother - Chelsea Young

About The Color of Mother

The Color of Mother is a tribute, in colors and words, to mothers (and mother figures) who inspire, encourage, love and care for us, whether we are age two or 52. What began as a love letter from one child (the author) to her own mother has evolved into a universal message to moms and children alike, rooted in the belief that love can transform and the hope that spreading a message of love causes a shift in the world. For children, it’s a reminder of how wonderful it is to be nurtured and cherished. For mothers and mother figures, it’s a thank you for who you are each and every day.

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About Color Everything

Color Everything is a children’s book series bringing love and joy to the young and the young at heart. Through the beauty and playfulness of colors, the series seeks to empower and inspire children, helping them understand universal qualities such as kindness, compassion and truth on a relatable level while thanking those who raise them for their selfless love. Color Everything shows children that everyone is a myriad of qualities, a rainbow of colors comprised of our own unique qualities and experiences as well as those that unite us all. Above all, it reminds children that they are so very loved while acknowledging the important figures – from mothers to fathers to pets – in a child’s life. The series’ first book, The Color of Mother, is now available.

Meet  Chelsea Young

Chelsea Young first wrote The Color of Mother at age 11 as a poem in homage to her own mother’s qualities, which are truly universal to all mothers. Years later, she found the poem buried in a stack of childhood writing, knowing in her heart this was a message she had to share with the world. After tweaks and edits, the poem became a book and the foundation for something even greater: the Color Everything book series.

When Chelsea isn’t dreaming in color, she’s an editor for a lifestyle magazine, teaches professional writing at a university, and does writing and editing (from books to blogging to web copy) through her own company, Young Creative. Chelsea studied journalism at the University of Oklahoma, where she also received her master’s degree in professional writing – and wrote many other (not-yet-published) books spanning romance to young adult fiction.

Outside of playing with words, she can be found spending quality time with her own child, Hope, a miniature poodle/Bichon mix that she rescued, and going wherever the travel bug leads her. A Texas girl at heart, Chelsea now resides in Phoenix.

Chelsea Young

Bringing love and joy to hearts everywhere.

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