Coloreverything Media - The Color of Mother by Chelsea Young
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Check out The Color of Mother and author Chelsea Young in the news!

We’re grateful to share the Color Everything story with the media. See where we’ve been so far and be sure to check back for more updates!

Fox 10 Phoenix

Author Chelsea Young visits Fox 10 Phoenix’s AZAM with Syleste Rodriguez and Troy Haden to share a behind-the-scenes look into her inspiration for writing The Color of Mother, the book publishing process, and her partnership to donate a portion of book sales to the Phoenix domestic violence shelter Sojourner Center.

Good Morning Arizona

Author Chelsea Young visits Good Morning Arizona on Arizona’s Family/3TV with Olivia Fierro to talk about the childhood poem that served as the inspiration for writing and publishing her new book, The Color of Mother. Chelsea shares the heartfelt message of her book and how a portion of book sales will be donated to the Phoenix domestic violence shelter Sojourner Center. Watch the clip on Arizona’s Family!

Your Life Arizona

See Color Everything’s first TV segment! Author Chelsea Young visits Your Life Arizona on Arizona’s Family/3TV with Gina Salazar to share why she wrote The Color of Mother and what impact she hopes the book leaves on its readers. Plus, learn about what color Chelsea thinks HER mother is!

Eliances Heroes Radio Show

Author Chelsea Young was featured on the Eliances Heroes Radio Show with host David Cogan to share about her children’s book, The Color of Mother. Hear about Chelsea’s journey as a magazine editor and author as well as what advice she has for aspiring writers.

The Color of Mother - Chelsea Young

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